dating someone who has just ended his marriage - Macro consolidating workbooks

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Close save Changes:=False File Name = Dir() Loop Summary Sht. Save End Sub ---- In another module to combine the different worksheets before being captured into summary file, I write these: Sub Combine() Dim J As Integer On Error Resume Next Sheets(1). " End Sub Thank you @Cor_Blimey that really was the problem, once i've especified the workbook for the shtname it worked perfectly "unqualified Range() function implicitly refers to the active worksheet which is probably not what was intended. In general, also, I suggest refactoring the code to eliminate all . Activate and and instead assigning to temporary worksheet variables so it is transparent and clear what is being acted on (e.g.

If possible, would like to see the employee timesheets copied over to the main book as sheets.

One thing jumped out - when you have consolidated the sheets - is there anyway to keep the file name (example - Emp1, Emp2) somewhere too on the table? I have attached a copy of what i would like to see if possible.

Paste Special Paste:=xl Paste Values, Operation:=xl None, Skip Blanks _ :=False, Transpose:=False Else: Workbooks.

Value Set lworkbooks = Active Workbook If (Active Workbook.

Range("B" & Blank Row) Set Dest Range = Dest Range.

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