Manager employee dating harassment precidents

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Upon the management asking you for an explanation for your failure to do so, by its letter dated __________, you have failed to reply and not provided any explanation.

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The details of your unauthorized absence for the period from ___________ to ___________ are given as follows : The above dates of absence by you are in addition to the leave availed by you for the said period by way of Privilege Leave, Sick Leave, Casual Leave etc. A letter in this regard dated __ was sent to you by the Personnel Department of the company, asking for explanation on your part but till date you have not submitted any reply nor did we hear anything from you in respect of this unauthorised absence.

II) Refusing to comply with transfer order As per the terms of your contract of service and service conditions /letter of appointment /settlement/ rules /regulations and due to administrative exigencies, you are liable to be transferred periodically. _________ was accordingly issued to you on (date) transferring you from your present place of posting at __________ to __________ w.e.f. You however failed to comply with the said transfer order and did not report for duty at the place of transfer as directed by the management.

At ___________ (time) when you were leaving the premises after your shift was over, the watchman while conducting your search found certain items of raw material/finished products (give description, quantity, details of the goods) belonging to the company concealed in your trouser pockets and you were unable to give any explanation when asked by your supervisor.

Panchnama of seized goods was taken in your presence.

He asked you to calm down and then explained that you had been regularly coming late and warned you about disciplinary action for such misconduct of late attendance.

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