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Be aware that eligibility for SMP is based on your average earnings during the eight weeks leading up to the 26th week of pregnancy so if you are in the unpaid part of your maternity leave you will not be eligible unless you return to work.

The TUC says that it is important that you physically go back into work for a period – even just one day – in order to maintain all of your rights.

This starts on the day after the OML period finishes.

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Some women fall pregnant whilst they are still on maternity leave.

The Trades Union Congress advises that maternity leave in this instance does not break your continuity of employment so your right to maternity leave for the new pregnancy will be based upon your total service with the employer.

Maternity pay is a minefield and many women continue to be confused.

Here, our uk guide leads you through the baffling red tape and outlines your rights and the allowances for part-time, agency and fixed-term contract workers.

Advice given by Jane Barclay, group HR manager for Ede and Ravenscroft, said that the worker would have a right as long as they met the requirement for continuous service.

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