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% FUNCTION_NAME This is a high-level description of what function_name takes % as input, what it does and what it produces as output % % C = function_name(A, B) % C = function_name(A, B,'Parameter Name', Parameter Value) % % Inputs: % A num_cols by num_rows matrix of blah blah blah % B num_cols by num_rows matrix of blah blah blah % Optional: % 'Parameter Name1' followed by an integer blah blah % 'Parameter Name2' followed by one of 'foo','bar', blah blah % Output: % C num_cols by num_rows matrix of blah blah blah % .The advantage though is that it can easily handle input type validation. So far without validation, though it seems clear how to add support via function handles, e.g.

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Although I had no trouble importing the new decorated functions.

How do I integrate tests spanning more than one variable (i.e.

Even if this can be done, it would certainly complicate the interface, and probably introduce additional limitations.

In the example above you would probably have to require that A and C must be next to each other in the argument list, which would force you to re-order the arguments.

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