Meditation dating

by  |  14-Oct-2016 21:59

but it's not like I'm going to just quit yoga (my style includes chanting and meditation) or never enjoy a mantra again. Oh, and as for how they differ from just sitting in an empty room?

It was tainted anyway, so the purity I have found in Vipassana is welcome.

As for vegetarianism (if that wasn't just an analogy, lol), I was there before the retreat so that wasn't a struggle at all.

Maybe its just me but i like chicken/pork/fish/lamb/beef/turkey/seafood/ way too much to give it up,for a meditation Guru or any1 for that the force be with you (long as you dont get in trouble ofc )Hey Frank, I've already practiced many styles of meditation throughout the years, Vipassana is new to me.

While it's true that you aren't supposed to mix different styles..

I have practiced quite a few and there are some differences in the results that you get.

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