Men confess dating frustration

by  |  16-Mar-2015 07:28

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So excited to finally meet a man who pursued me, I jumped at the chance to enter into a relationship with him.

But if this is the foundation of a relationship, commitment is often trumped by chemistry and loyalty is often replaced with lust.

I was so afraid of playing the dating game, however, that I stayed in the relationship far longer than I should have.

But the longer the relationship progressed, the more I was certain that it was not the right fit for my life.

If time brings things into fruition, why do Christians psyche themselves out into thinking that they have to know if that person is “The One” within 24 hours of meeting them? It’s no wonder she’s afraid to text him back, and he’s afraid to ask her out for coffee. Take it one date at a time, and trust God’s leading along the way.

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