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What was it like when Prince started as a musician in 1978?

Were there rankings in the rock, pop, jazz and pop genre - something like a "class society"?

Prince was the absolute antithesis of Michael Jackson. On the contrary Prince always came up with something new and surprised with his music over and over again. Prince was considered a musical genius when his first album came out in 1978 ("For You"): At seven, he had learned to play the piano at 13 he could play guitar and drums perfectly. He didn't let any other musicians into the studio for his productions he only allowed that during his live concerts. For me, Prince has always been a man wore very extravagant and provocative stage costumes, which were very beautiful.

And this complete autonomy in music production, where he recorded every instrument himself, was special at that time. There was a German music show called "Rockpalast" in the 80s where one of Prince's performances was broadcast.

“You compromise a lot when you try to do a song for radio,” she says. He was just the best at what he did.” She”s gleaned something from all her mentors.

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