Mila kunis and ashton kutcher dating demi moore giuliana rancic and bill host dating show

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Sources told Radar Online Moore "is putting the past behind her" and is "in total acceptance" of Kutcher's new relationship.

"She ultimately has great love for Ashton and has accepted the fact that he is in love Mila and that they are starting a family," said the insider.

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Do you think Mila has the right idea in wanting to have a face to face chat with Demi?

Will it do any good or just add to Demi’s inferiority complex?

Ashton Kutcher has somehow stayed faithful to Mila Kunis since he began dating her, which is a miracle in itself if you look at his relationship history.

Some people claim that it’s because Ashton is truly in love with Mila, but we’re firmly of the belief that a leopard doesn’t change his spots. There’s no questioning that Ashton cheated on Demi Moore, and not just once but plenty of times.

Shortly after Kutcher's engagement to Kunis was unveiled sources said Moore was planning to go on a retreat to avoid the couple's nuptials.

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