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Pursuant to section 171(1) (Absentee Voting) of the Act, a member entitled to vote at a meeting of members may vote by mailed-in ballot if the Corporation has a system that: Pursuant to subsection 197(1) (Fundamental Change) of the Act, a special resolution of the members is required to make any amendment to the by-laws of the Corporation to change this method of voting by members not in attendance at a meeting of members.Members shall be notified in writing of the membership dues at any time payable by them and, if any are not paid within one (1) calendar month of the membership renewal date, the members in default shall automatically cease to be members of the Corporation.

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The board of directors of the Corporation may, by resolution, approve the admission of the members of the Corporation.

Members may also be admitted in such other manner as may be prescribed by the board by resolution.

The Corporation may have a corporate seal in the form approved from time to time by the board.

If a corporate seal is approved by the board, the secretary of the Corporation shall be the custodian of the corporate seal.

The member may make written submissions to the president, or such other officer as may be designated by the board, in response to the notice received within such twenty (20) day period.

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