Muscular dating

by  |  24-Jul-2016 12:56

They till the ground, do the heavy labor, and get the jobs that support their families. A well-cut, chiseled physique may not be a competitive advantage in investment banking, but the strong man still looks like a good provider.

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Home-building – not in the nesting, decorating, making everything pretty way that is inordinately feminine, but in the hammering joists, carrying bricks, installing plumbing way. While this focus on homemaking may seem to be jumping the gun when it contributes to initial attraction, nature cannot be ignored.

Every woman needs a roof over her head, so partners with muscular physiques are automatically preferred.

This truth is not politically correct, but it is undeniable.

There’s something thrilling about being sheltered in the arms of a big strong man.

This form of security is particularly attractive to those women who often get this unwanted attention when out and about – and these are precisely the women who are most likely to be seen with muscular men.

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