My strange addiction s03e01 dating my car hdtv momentum

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It involves masturbating as well.” Chase: “…” Never one to miss out on this type of strangeness, Anderson Cooper had Nathaniel on his show and he posted a clip featuring a couple of questions from the audience.

In addition, you see a very rare moment when Cooper is unable to put together the words to the strange question he knows he has to ask.

Another audience member asks if it’s just cars and Nathaniel reveals that he’s also attracted to four-wheelers, jet skis, airplanes and more.

27-year-old Nathaniel has been in a relationship with his car Chase for nearly five years, taking it out on dates, buying it gifts, and even getting intimate with it.

Meanwhile, 28-year-old Jaye has been addicted to snorting baby powder for 16 years.

Kat Von D has come home to Los Angeles to fulfill her dream of opening up her own tattoo shop.

The news has spread and celebrities, rising starlets, punk rockers, musicians and tattoo collectors alike are lining up for some of Kat's famous black and grey ink.

A woman asks Nathaniel if this is the first car he’s had such a relationship with and Anderson interjects with, “full sized car” and references a “Dylan.” The camera then shows a toy model of a yellow convertible Corvette.

My strange addiction s03e01 dating my car hdtv momentum

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