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As often happens, the drama was filmed out of chronological sequence and Natalie found herself standing on a scaffold in the courtyard of Dublin’s Kilmainham Jail where so many real executions had taken place in the past.‘It was incredibly haunting and harrowing – you feel the weight of history on your shoulders,’ she remembers.'It’s a writer’s or director’s role to be cerebral, whereas for an actor it should be a visceral, gut thing.

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But her background seems to have been a conventional one until she became the bohemian of the family, as she puts it, by going into acting.

‘There was an obvious concern at home because actors are all wandering troubadours, aren’t we? ‘Obviously, part of an actor’s personality thrives on that instability, otherwise you wouldn’t do the job, but at times you do get darker moments when you think about your suitcase in yet another room.

And as if playing opposite Jonathan Rhys Meyers’s rock-god Henry VIII weren’t excitement enough, this distinctive young Brit had already worked on the big screen with such major names as Demi Moore, Michael Caine, Heath Ledger, Jeremy Irons and Ewan Mc Gregor.

in 2005, her part as an accident-prone ingénue in love with Heath Ledger’s Casanova was expanded overnight by the film’s screenwriter Sir Tom Stoppard, after director Lasse Hallström realised what a talent for comedy she had.

They are daunting in so far as it’s a very personal thing and you are doing it in front of eight other people, closed set or not.

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