Naughty online dating

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I know, I know, there's a load of people that would frown upon such a statement, but we all know it's true.The excitement in the bar or at dinner when you both know what's coming.

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Be Naughty is positioned firmly in the ‘adult’ dating sector of the market.

Thus our proposition, and the creative work, ‘cut to the chase’ – in the spirit of the brand.

Something like, he hates kids, or large dogs or football. He adores his three kids, his Siberian Husky and the Pittsburgh Steelers. It would have been a good time to silently recite the Transcendental Meditation mantra I had learned back in my Peace Corps days. We talked for hours and hours on everything from our days as cub reporters, politics, my Boston Red Sox and his Pittsburgh Steelers.

After dinner, our friends had to get back to New Jersey. " I told her I'd follow Rick's lead and just go home if he left. But I don't have a Zen bone in my body and all I could silently say was, "Please don't go, please don't go." Rick looked at me and then said to our friends, "I'm in no hurry." "Neither am I," my words gushing at about twice the speed of his. He was more than a little impressed that I could name most of the players on the Steel Curtain.

The campaign quickly delivered results, delivering new accounts and a net ROI within weeks of launch.

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