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A handful of artists and producers including Future, D. (And even if those collaborations exist, who’s to say they’re for her album?) There was also a rumor that she and her husband Jay Z were planning to release a joint album together. Beyoncé seems to have entered a phase in her career in which her vision is clearer than ever, her confidence unshakeable. What to Expect: Perhaps more than any other artist on this list, Drake has his finger on the pulse of what’s hip and happening and hip-hop-happening.Bet your bottom dollar that it will be good, though high expectations set after (and its game-changing surprise release) could prove hard to live up to. (However, to be honest, we could do without a joint Jay Z album.) Anticipation Rating: 10/10 (with Future). Expect a massive album with at least a few massive singles and a massive amount of shade to be thrown. Drake dropped the first taste of the album, “Summer Sixteen,” last week.

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Anticipation Rating: 10/10 Odds It Will Be Out This Year: It’s very likely, but technically unconfirmed.

What to Expect: We know next to nothing about Bey’s sixth studio album, which is just the way she wants it. M., and Deputy have recently claimed to have worked with Bey, though she has confirmed nothing.

Lastly, we know Elton John has written with her and has heard a few songs from the record, which he described as “killer” and like “the early stuff of hers.” In short, expect something more cohesive (and less abrasive) than campaign.

That Gaga has remained atypically quiet about the project — no proclamations that it will be “the album of the decade,” thank god(ga) — also bodes well, expectations-wise.

Mother Monster confirmed that #LG5 would be out in 2016, though she declined to say when.

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