constantupdating tk - None user warn kernel driver sd needs updating

by  |  11-Jun-2015 23:33

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When you call customer service they can't help you. I can only get service for approximately 13 days of the 30 I paid for.

I use about 100mb per day but find 1G goes into their autopop up log in page due to 100 times of reconnecting, reinstalling, reprogramming and testing my internet the days following the reasonable service. I live in a very remote area INSIDE the coverage zone and I know ALL my neighbors within 2 miles of me and NONE of them use this service except me.

by email clients), but even surfing low bandwidth websites is painfully slow. All you get is "I am sorry" and it is "escalated" is never fixed.

Customers need to make sure that we understand how much data full speed data is associated with each play to ensure it meets are needs. Warn everyone you know not to get involved with them unless they enjoy losing money.

I guess she found that it was the wrong place because she hung up on me.

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