Nrc updating plant safety requirements

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Six employees have been terminated, including 4 track inspectors and 2 supervisors Six more track inspectors are pending termination or unpaid suspension; and 10 more are pending possible discipline pending the outcome of the administrative process Another supervisor termination is underway; and two more supervisors are pending the outcome of the administrative process One Superintendent was demoted to Supervisor One Assistant General Superintendent was demoted to Superintendent One assistant superintendent separated from Metro before the review concluded In closing: Pencil-Whipping is immoral, illegal and just plain wrong. In 1944, near the end of WW2, the Office of Strategic Services (the forerunner to the CIA) released a field guide called the “Simple Sabotage Field Manual.” The purpose of the suggestions in the manual was “to present suggestions for inciting and executing (sabotage)” for the from a SPY AGENCY that employees are implementing TODAY in facilities – often, without intent or an understanding of how their behaviors are affecting the organization.#1 – Don’t train the new technician or Share Information In an era where employees no longer feel any real loyalty from their employer, it’s not surprising that this is a problem.

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When questioned, the maintenance employees usually give some version of: Note that none of these things are really reasons why you can’t pick trash up off the machine room floor (or not place it there in the first place.) What they are is an attempt to redirect your attention somewhere else – specifically to else. I’ve worked inside large (and small) bureaucracies before and the frustration is real.

It’s unfortunately very easy to let someone else’s failures demotivate you. You can take time to complain about everyone else’s failures as soon as you’ve made sure all your stuff is taken care of.

It is believed the oil drain valve was initially clogged as the employee opened it a full three turns before any ammonia came out.

When liquid exited the valve and struck the employee he fell face first on concrete in hallway.

Further, it is reprehensible that any supervisor or mid-level manager would tolerate or encourage this behavior, or seek to retaliate against those who objected.

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