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I know I’m only beginning the process of self discovery, but I am so proud of myself it’s kind of ridiculous.

I’ve just begun my journey, but I am happy knowing that I am making slow, but steady, forward progress.

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-Books, and yes, I am that lame; audiobooks AND books. My excuse was that I had a severe case of laryngitis, not the best of excuses. I would like to say I watch enlightened programs, but let’s be completely honest with each other; I watch CSI. Minus the traveling, the attractive men, and the faith in a higher power.

Currently trying to make my way through Angela’s Ashes without slitting my wrists. Here’s what I know I should be doing with my spare time, and my excuses for not doing so: -Going to the gym. As sardonic and self deprecating as this all sounds, I am actually happy.

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Currently, I am rationalizing that I am too crampy to work out, because I am 15 years old. I am making a mental list of places to go, when the weather gets better (let’s all say a prayer I actually do) -Educating myself. I’m satisfied with being alone, with knowing there is no one that I am relying on to make me happy. I realize now that what I’ve done in the past is completely rely on my romantic partner to make me happy, and I am continually disappointed and unhappy.

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