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Or just Wait till i get a new card, either way screwed.By "For such" I was referring to recurring subscriptions, which I am not wrong about, you have said as much yourself, it is also the industry I work in, so I know I am not wrong.

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Due to concorde and all those techinical schools which pump out at least 25 RT's every 3 months. I suggest enhancing your credentials, obtain a BS or higher and use RT as a stepping stone into something more lucrative, or just move out of LA! I have noticed on this board, over a year now, how students play up Concord Tech school and its greatness. California and Arizona are the two biggest culprits for RT tech schools.

I hear from them that they are having trouble looking for a job. That the field will be saturated in at least 1 more year. The problem is a combination of oversaturation, two many schools in too small of an area and the slow down on hiring do to the economy. I have been in the field for over thirteen years now and I have watched these tech schools crank out students and totally screw up the profession.

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