Parently control by dating us

by  |  17-Jun-2016 00:06

When he called, he was received in the drawing room, parlour or, in the USA, on the porch.

In each case, someone else would be present or within hearing distance.

The rise in the USA of a highly competitive dating system and a complicated sexual morality indicates a smaller decline of power differences between classes, genders and generations, which partly explains the persistence of the old rule.

Further explanation is found in America’s lower level of social integration and more open competition between various centers of power and good societies.

The build up to the rise of a new rule among Dutch parents was an informalisation of ‘getting engaged’, the diffusion of verkering (going steady) and of parental policies to stay ‘in the scene’, indicating higher levels of social integration and larger declines of power differences between classes, genders and generations.

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