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Prince Harry just rings up one of his bodyguards, Pippa ducks down in the backseat of the Royal limo and no one is the wiser.

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“[The Duke of Cambridge] found Harry and Pippa embracing in a way that made it very clear that they are more than friends.” Giving your brother a key to your Royal bachelor pad isn’t a very good idea is it?

And the eyes and ears in and around the bachelor pad report that William was pretty upset and told Harry and Pippa to knock it off. There is room for only one Middleton in the Royal Family and that’s the future Queen Kate.

Prince Harry and Pippa Middleton have been secretly dating?

Many secret romantic rendezvous reportedly have Kate Middleton furious and Queen Elizabeth seething. Rumors of Harry and Pippa hooking up are making the rounds.

According to insiders, Pippa Middleton didn’t wait very long after the break-up to hunt down Prince Harry, ring him up and “ask if she could see him.” It gets better!

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