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“You take someone like a Bruce Willis or a Charles Bronson -- the definition of masculinity there becomes about the ability to inflict violence, take revenge, take what’s yours,” he says.

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Heroes in today’s films all look the same, Pine argues, ticking off a list: “Bare chested. The California sun glints off his golden-brown shoulders, and, when he lifts his sunglasses, his eyes are most definitely blue.

Today, sitting outside a small coffee shop in Los Angeles, he’s wearing a baseball hat, sneakers, slim-fit cargo pants, and a tight white tank top.

After graduation, he was back in Los Angeles, netting a handful of TV guest star roles before his first big break: 2004’s , opposite Anne Hathaway. “One reviewer said, ‘He’s a Rob Lowe lookalike with the charisma of a David Hasselhoff.’ I’ll take the Rob Lowe lookalike, that’s fine.

But I remember the charisma part really fucking well.

“I think there is a growing homogenization of what masculinity means,” he says. (Indoors, they are a speech-stoppingly bright blue, a shade so intense I’d assumed they only looked that way onscreen because of some post-production magic.) Somehow he doesn’t draw any undue attention sitting smack in the middle of a Sunset Boulevard sidewalk with his iced coffee and chicken sandwich.

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