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Essentially, you are taking this time in your singleness to explore, and find out what you like and who is best suited for you. You've got about five or six men who you are interested in, have an attraction to, and would like to get to know, and hopefully from among your roster may arise one that becomes your true beau (a.k.a your man/boyfriend! Personally, I don't rely on accolades to determine my value, but rather the kind of woman I know I am. All you need is a big smile and the ability to master the art of small talk. Well, to use hockey as analogy, you have your centre, two forwards, two defensemen, and of course your goalie. You return his calls, texts, and email expeditiously, and you're trying to book that next date.

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I tell jokes for a check; I'm on TV for a check.

This is a blog I selfishly did not want to write and cannot believe I have!

But somewhere in between the passing of a decade, something changed. I became independent, confident, and started to value my self-worth. Now, this has nothing to do with the actual age of a person.

I went through hardships and heartbreaks and picked myself back up which built my strength and courage. And as a woman, you are attracted to very different things than you are as a girl. I’m referring to maturity, life vision and stage of life.

Now, a lot of these differences require taking the time to know someone to figure out if the apple of your eye is indeed a man, or a mere boy. *To clarify, when I’m referring to “games” I mean mind games.

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