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For more of black Twitter, check out The Chatterati on The Root and follow The Chatterati on Twitter.Veronica Graves is a digital-news associate at The Root. In 2008, he strode into London’s City Hall as Boris Johnson’s no-nonsense tough-talking deputy mayor for youth.

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The best endorsement of what he has achieved comes from his pupils themselves who join under contract, but stay on voluntarily long after it expires.

Lewis was born in Georgetown, Guyana, before moving to London as a small boy, and the influence of his Caribbean roots is apparent in his philosophy to youth work.

The biggest thing is the breakdown of the family and the absence of father figures at home or at school. "Boys need to feel validated as men and the streets can do that for them.

The streets tell you if you rob that person and stab that person you will get respect, you will be considered a man. We are trying to shift that by replacing ‘road models’ with role models to help boys find value in something positive.

“It was absolutely right that I resigned”, says Lewis.

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