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" At last, an app has come up with a scientific answer to the immortal question posed by English punk-rockers and indecisive lovers for generations.

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If you want to move on…Killswitch is the most similar to fictional app, Forbid.

It removes all pictures, videos, wall posts, and status updates tagged with an ex and stores them in a secret folder, should you ever want to get back together.

Any time you want to check in, even just to say hi, the app messages your closest friends in the hopes that they'll intervene.

If you continue efforts to make contact, the app will post a Facebook status update to let your entire social network decide how valid that 2 a.m. May peer pressure guide you to more emotionally stable pastures.

If you're ready to get back in the game…Reboun Date addresses the awkward first steps of the newly single and ready to mingle.

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