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It was about a scientist that worked in a lab researching time travel. He does an experiment and then comes back to his now except his timeline has changed and there's been a nuclear war.

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"lol Anyway, at the ad breaks it was advertising the film as 'Consequences', but I have not been able to find it anywhere. Jack becomes a national hero when he rescues the president's daughter from a serious illness by capturing Death in his magic sack. I remember dream sequences of the alien "Grasshoppers" hundreds of them hopping along, might have been a war.. It's a very long time since I saw it, racking the old brain for memories!!

However, after many years without Death in the world, Jack realizes that he has upset the natural order and releases Death to save humankind from perpetual old age and misery." for the suggestion BUT that is NOT the one...cheers... I think that the people who found the ship sort of got mental picture of this "War" Edit: as for the size of the "Alien grasshoppers" I would say about 4 or 5 feet tall Nope sorry not the right one.

The scientist punches in his code which unlocks the door with seconds to spare.

One of the soldiers looks at the corpse of someone who came before and shouts "motherf%$^ shoulda had the code!

The soldiers need to get into the lab (which is partially destroyed), and need the code.

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