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And those long dresses we had to wear drink up mud and rain. I don’t know how many people would enjoy that but I loved it.‘One evening after we’d finished filming I had to go to the chemist and I still had dirt ingrained in my hands. “Ah, that’s why,” I thought.’ With her modern blunt fringe and pared-down make up Jessica is almost unrecognisable in the flesh, despite Lady Sybil having been seen by millions over three series, and it’s little wonder she’s rarely spotted in the street.

She looks different again as Mary; not only is she covered in mud but she’s also completely make-up free.

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For Jessica, a mature 24-year-old, one of the biggest pluses was the challenges it would bring.

‘It’s not a fluffy girly story; it was so exciting and I loved the darkness of it.

It was a leap into the unknown – she’d gone from being a television novice to appearing in a lead role in one of the biggest shows in the world – and she knew it was a huge risk.

Even her castmates tried to talk her out of it, but she insisted on leaving.‘I was much more afraid of becoming too comfortable in the Lady Sybil role than I was of leaving it,’ she says.

I love that and it felt as if I was able to indulge and be in Mary’s world more.’ Jessica says she was filthy for seven weeks.

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