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It emerged recently that Charmaine has also found a new boyfriend.Charmaine is currently in Mainland to shoot for a new TVB series, during that time, a friend of hers introduced her to the Mainland's "Handbag King", the rumored dating partner is estimated to be a billionaire.

From the black baseball cap that Charmaine pulled low over her head, and the relatively plain outfit that she had on, it was obvious that Charmaine was attempting to avoid being recognized.

However, as it was still a date, Charmaine flaunted her long and lean legs in a pair of denim cut-offs.

Dating websites are increasing in number every day, thus giving you more and more profiles to select from.

But will your profile stand out to get noticed by your prospective partners? I had no idea about a profile being good or bad until I myself jumped into the dating world.

And, the ones that do not have attractive display pictures automatically get rejected.

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