dating best russian dating sites 2016 - Rihanna and chris brown not dating

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According to some sources: On other news, recent speculations revealed the real reason why Drake had distanced himself from Rihanna.Although mesmerized and head-over-heels with the singer, Drake was allegedly friend-zoned by her.But even after the rumors, some witness says that everything about the two is just a casual meet up.

Aerial View of Triple-loop Spiral Bridge in Chongqing A triple-loop spiral bridge in Chongqing has left many netizens in awe, with its sharp turns.

The bridge, called the Rongqiao Overpass, has become a landmark for the city, but it's also raised debate among the locals.

He took it so seriously that he started to put a wall on their friendship.

With all that is happening, listeners of Rihanna and Drake's collaboration still hopes that the situation won't hinder both of them to create and make good music together.

After the seemingly never-ending issue with Rihanna and Drake's break-up, Chris Brown is allegedly asking for the attention of singer royalty Rihanna.

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