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Not unlike Paleolithic art in Europe, the oldest art in the Kimberley region consists of petroglyphic markings, such as pecked cupules, hollows, and grooves - often in large numbers - as well as intricate stone arrangements.No one yet knows the meaning of these cultural marks.Finally, we note in passing that, despite Walsh's international reputation as one of the leading authorities on aboriginal art, Wikipedia has been unable to compile a biography of him. In simple terms, there are two major traditions of rock art found in the Kimberley region of Western Australia: Gwion paintings (previously known as "Bradshaws") and Wanjina paintings.

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As a result, we have tried to avoid mention of Dr Walsh's lexicon of terms in this article, preferring to use the term "Gwion", instead.

We have however prepared a separate article on "Bradshaw Rock Paintings", using Dr Walsh's classification and terminology.

That's much less than the several grams of carbon needed with radiocarbon dating.

The research included analyzing pictographs from numerous countries over a span of 15 years.

IMPORTANT NOTE: The recent U/Th dating of Sulawesi Cave art (Indonesia) to 37,900 BCE has massive implications for the dating of Stone Age art in Kimberley, not least because Sulawesi forms part of the "land-bridge" used by prehistoric migrants from the Asian continent to Australia.

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