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" Insert Command="INSERT INTO [Customers] ([Customer ID], [Company Name], [City], [Country]) VALUES (? Then you’ll need to use the Row Updating method again.This tutorial give a good example of how to implement this in your own code: Customize data updates using the Row Updating event You may find this tutorial helpful if you want define your own buttons for editing or enable editing by double-clicking the row: Switch to the edit mode by clicking a status bar button or by double-clicking a row So do you feel like an editing guru yet?

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There are plenty of resources to help you with Editing data in an ASPXGridview out there, but a majority of it is editing data that is Data Bound to a Datasource (like a SQLData Source for example) This has been fine for me in the past, untill I started looking at Retrieving Web Config Values into Data Table project.

Basically I needed to return the web.config values into a Data Table, and display them in a Grid, where they could be edited and the config file would be updated. Item(1) Call Update Data Base Method(value1, value2) ASPx Grid View1. Data Bind() End Sub In this section you can define what happens in the code.

because I forgot to add the following lines in the rowupdating event, which tells the grid that the event has been handled.

When you use a complex LINQ query, the result that is returned from the Linq-To-Sql is a projection that can't be edited. The Data Controller determines that the datasource has fields with get accessors only, and "tells" the ASPx Grid View to render fields in readonly mode.

how to add custom column to aspxgridview column using looping to get name and value of column.

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