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New Values should populate with the new value that was updated, for the Field Name passed to it. For that, you need to check your datasource and make sure the field name is what you expect it to be. I changed the Field Name to a different name, "Shale Play", just to test. And it actually said, "A field or property with name ' Shale Play' was not found in the selected data." For issue one, the data source is being bound at design time.

I'm changing the value of the Shale Play field and the Row Validating event is firing as expected. Note that that might be different than, for instance, the name of the column in your database (depending on how your Grid View is populated).

使用Get Row Key取行主键值 35 二十二、 服务器端栏位取值与赋值 35 1.取行值 35 2.取列值 36 二十三、 栏位编辑风格 38 1.

ASPx Grid View Exporter重要属性 32 4.主从ASPx Grid View数据导出 32 5.导出到Pdf时中文乱码问题的解决 33 十九、 报表打印 33 二十、 懒加载 33 二十一、 客户端栏位取值与赋值 33 1.使用Get Page Row Values取当前页指定栏位值 33 2.使用Get Row Values取指定行指定栏位值 34 3.使用Get Selected Field Values取选中行指定栏位值 34 4.取栏位实例 34 5.使用Get Columns Count取栏位总数 34 6.使用Move Column隐藏和移动栏位 34 7.

Validated events from occurring, and also prevents the user from leaving the invalid row and prevents the row from being saved to an external data source in data bound mode.

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