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Is it really a good idea to publicly admit that the evidence isn’t necessary before you will believe something? But that’s not at all what Metaxas intended for his listeners to take away from that statement, is it?

On the contrary, he wants you to believe that archaeology has positively supported the biblical record, and he has recently given two examples for your consideration. I mean besides impeccably-dressed confidence, what is the evidence that he says helps validate the Christian message?

Popular and media interest in rumor and gossip never seems to wane, but psychological research on rumor has been cyclical and that on gossip has, until recently, been dormant (Foster, 2004).

World War II saw a burst of interest in the psychology of rumor and rumor control. Allport and Leo Postman (1947), the impetus for which was their concern about the damage to morale and national safety caused by menacing rumors spreading needless alarm and raising extravagant hopes (p. There was some formative research in the following decade (e.g., Back, Festinger, Kelley, Schachter, & Thibaut, 1950; hachter & Burdick, 1955) and then a period of quiescence.

More recently, there has been another spate of books on rumor and gossip (Fine & Turner, 2001; Goodman & Ben-Ze'ev, 1994; Kapferer, 1990; Kimmel, 2004; Koenig, 1985; Levin & Arluke, 1987; Spitzberg & Cupach, 1998; Turner, 1993).

Rumor validating

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