dating treorchy - Ryan phillippe dating college student

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Kate is also close with Michael's girlfriend Sarah Silverman.In speaking to Chelsea Handler recently, Michael spoke about his ex-wife glowingly."Our relationship now is probably better than it ever was.

If you've spent the last few years taking the escalator instead of the elevator, perhaps holding your breath as you finally reach the top, you can stop: Ryan Phillippe is officially not going to be there to profess his love, make you weak at the knees, etc.

I mean, the chances that he was ever going to be there were pretty slim, but now they're zero.

"Sarah's such a fantastic woman, I love her, and Michael and I have gotten on for years now.

I've known him since I was 22, we're basically family.

Because, friends, Ryan Phillippe is engaged., Phillippe proposed to his girlfriend Paulina Slagter over the holidays.

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