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The aim of this library is to provide a succinct compendium of the leading articles, research studies, and profiles of best practices in the field.

While incarcerated, Beatrice served as a consultant to the Director of the University of Connecticut's Institute for Violence Reduction, and spent her time advocating for inmates.

A member of the Danbury (Prison) AIDS Awareness Group, Beatrice taught an AIDS education course, and used her Literacy Volunteers of America training to help teach reading skills to fellow inmates.

KPBS, a public service of San Diego State University explores the cost of California's "tough on crime" legislation.

This 30 minute documentary gives you an inside look into three state prisons housing the oldest and sickest inmates in the state.

Its intent is to foster the improvement of criminal justice techniques designed to decrease the use of incarceration for non-violent offenders, and to help provide more effective reentry services to those who have been published by One Million Americans, Ltd., a national non-profit organization providing services and support for ex-offenders, particularly for the more than one million non-violent offenders currently incarcerated in the nation's prisons and jails.

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