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Contains chapters on teaching courses on diversity as well as incorporating multicultural elements into traditional courses such as math, composition, architecture or biology. Valuing Diversity 3: Communicating Across Cultures. New Directions for Student Services 51 (1990): 49-58.

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New Directions for Teaching and Learning 39 (1989): 23-35. “A Proselytizer for Teaching.” The Chronicle of Higher Education (1995) (TRC) Kramer, Martin, and Stephen S. Dialogues for Diversity: Community and Ethnicity on Campus.

“Teaching in a Diverse Environment: Knowledge and Skills Needed by TAs.” In Teaching Assistant Training in the 1990s. “Women and Men in the Classroom: Inequality and Its Remedies.” On Teaching and Learning 1 (1985): 18-25.

Designed for the needs of counselors, the book provides history and background information on nine US cultural groups: African Americans, the Amish, Native-Americans, Japanese-Americans, Chinese-Americans, Vietnamese in the United States, Korean-Americans, Mexican-Americans, and Puerto-Rican-Americans. “Building Academic Communities of Difference: Gays, Lesbians, and Bisexuals on Campus.” Change (1992): 41-46. This article is oriented toward the needs of college counselors, but it is one of the few resources available that discusses the differing ethnic perspectives of lesbian and gay students. Active Learning: Creating Excitement in the Classroom.

“Understanding Gay and Lesbian Students of Color.” Beyond Tolerance: Gays, Lesbians, and Bisexuals on Campus (1991): 67-78.

(TRC) “Diversity/Multiculturalism.” Black binder of articles.

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