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First off, we do not believe in crystal meth-induced hallucinations. We do believe other drugs cause hallucinations but crystal meth actually causes your eyes to be opened to an evil and invisible realm.Let us tell you why we think this to be true and lets see if you agree or not.If you have had a sighting you would like to share, then please do so by commenting. I'm here to say that these sightings are real, they do exist and YOU'RE NOT CRAZY! They are really there in the corner of your eye, spying on you from behind, always lurking, and these Shadow Men have been seen by drug users and non-drug users alike.

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You will begin to ' situations and scenarios around you, and in fact, you are believing in it so much that things and events come to pass just as you "foreseen".

People often believe that they have psychic abilities or divine foresight while using crystal meth... Demons are simply lurking about listening to your "worries and concerns" and help bring the destruction you have dreaded upon you.

The thing about Shadow Men is that they aren't men at all. They are Fallen Angels who chose the path of unrighteousness to follow Satan.

They are referred to as "Shadows of Death" in the book of Their duty is to roam the earth, helping Satan destroy mankind. Others have made homes inside us, gaining power over our every decision, calling themselves the "Legion", amongst many other names. On crystal meth, your soul and spirit are closer to the jaws of demons.

The crystal meth pipe is hidden by its user and protected from the view of strangers.

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