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Way back in 2004, Shay and about 50 other women sued their employer, Hooter’s, after it was discovered that a manager at the company's West Covina, California, restaurant had been videotaping female employees as they changed into their work uniforms.

The defendants’ lawyer, Gloria Allred, told Five years later, the 23-year-old cocktail waitress and aspiring actress began dating a slew of high-profile men.

But learning to love her in the way that makes her feel loved is a greater demonstration of my love for her, because I've chosen to do it with a goal of pleasing her."Photo: Twitter"Pay attention to the girl, instead of myself. Don't ever separate yourself." It's a good lesson. I'm doing good."Photo: Instagram "Don't get divorced after your first argument! Make sure that you truly love."Photo: We Heart It "If you're looking for love, focus on something you love to do and work hard. Basically, love yourself before you love anyone else. Besides, it's awfully hard to get mad at someone while they're making you laugh."Photo: Facebook"Well, it's one of the oldest.

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First, she snagged John Mayer, who had recently split from Jennifer Aniston, after initially meeting in 2008.

“We’re friends and that’s all I’m gonna say,” she told Radar in April 2009. Shay admitted that her big mouth had gotten her in trouble with Mayer, who dumped her just a month after rumors started.

When I found the right person, I knew it immediately."Photo: We Heart It"Before I discovered the concept of the 5 love languages, a bit of advice I was given was to become a student of my wife and to take time to learn what makes her feel loved.

I soon learned that what makes her feel loved may not always be the thing I want to do because it may not come natural to me. I'm very into myself, so people are always like, "Pay attention to the other person. You'll forget in three days what you were fighting about. So just let it marinate a little bit—that's my best love advice."Photo: IMDB"When I was about 15, [my grandmother] said something I will always remember: ' Love comes before money.' I will never let anything like greed come between us when it comes to love. It's very hard to have a long-term relationship and if you're not sure, it's not going to last.

These celebs know a thing or two when it comes to love! We also have other married couples who are examples in our lives.

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