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For their owners, these quilts were reminders of times past when they lived among family and friends.

As time passed, and loved ones were lost to illness or war, their names on a quilt became a even more precious.

I’ve always been a maker of things, including sewing and fiber art.

Since it was a wholecloth quilt (two whole pieces of fabric with cotton batting sandwiched in between, then quilted and bound with bias tape), we whipped it out in two days.

Clark was proud and excited and the quilt immediately went on his bed.

Alliance for American Quilts, has penned a how-to project and a call for the importance of labeling quilts (and artworks of all kinds) for the sake of staking a spot in handmade history and taking pride and authorship in your craft.

Do you have a quilt that holds a special spot in your heart or family history? I have been working as Executive Director of the Alliance for American Quilts (AAQ) for the past five years.

I still have and wear many garments made or worn by my grandmother and even have a memoir she wrote about her life.

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