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He himself married a princess from Bactria, and a hundred of his superior officers followed his example and took Asiatic brides. C., held a Council at Pataliputra, when it was resloved to send missionaries to proclaim the new teaching throughout the world.

Pliny tells us of a certain Dionysius who was sent to India from Alexandria by Ptolemy Philadelphus (285-247). In accordance with this decision Asoka sent Buddhistic missions to the sovereigns of the West, Antiochus Theos of Syria, Ptolemy Philadelphius of Egypt, Antigonos Gonatas of Macedonia, Magas of Cyrene, and Alexandria of Epirus. Demetrius extended the Bactrian Kingdom into India and conquered Sind and Kathiawar.

Such manifestations take place in response to special needs of the time, in the altered circumstances of life and history.

They come in times of decline of civilizations due to materialism which causes disintegration of man and society. Whenever religion becomes tarnished and irreligion prevails, I create myself.

From Asoka's statements it may be inferred that his missions were favorably received in these five countries. The Greeks who settled in India gradually became Indianized.

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