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For some players, the fact that games like these are censored doesn't matter: it's a long-standing cliche in the visual novel community that some people play raunchy anime games, not for the sex scenes or indulgent nudity, but rather for the story, writing, or mechanics (much in the same way that some people genuinely read 'for the articles').

But if the sex can be stripped out or toned down so easily, why is it there in the first place? I suppose that I bought a product and, as a consumer, I expected the full experience," one gamer wrote on a Steam page. And at least one developer isn't happy about the way Steam handles erotic games.

While discussing the issue with a representative of Sekai Project, the publishers behind , I was told that they hoped that we don't "have the impression that all visual and kinetic novels are chocked full of nothing but mature, 18 content — a majority [of visual novels] are quite engaging, have captivating stories to tell, breathtaking artwork, and fantastic voice over work too! "Heavily Censored, don't bother," another gamer advised others on Steam. "Please remind the people at i OS or Steam that if the public can handle gruesomely violent video games, they can probably handle illustrated pictures of people having sex, thanks!

" Still, in spite of the fact that the games are more than just nudity, having these games censored at all irritates some players, just based on principle. " the developers for , a gay visual novel that can't release on Steam due to its erotic content, wrote on a FAQ about the game.

Warning: this post contains graphic sexual images that are not safe for work.

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