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The day to show affection and gratitude to those closest to you is right around the corner: Valentine's Day.The Ski Utah Yeti wants to help spread the love with a list of outings to enjoy with your partners. Not a problem because the Yeti believes that V-Day isn’t just limited to couples.| #The Goods Report #In The Name Of Winter #explore BC | It’s cold out there today.

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The Most Colorado Thing We Saw Today is actually something we personally haven't seen before: chair lift speed dating.

The Loveland Ski area is hosting the Luv Byrd event. You then have the option of taking a run down together, or you can choose to take the next ride with a new chair partner. Tickets include beer and a raffle ticket, but if you already have a lift ticket or pass, the event costs $5. Two-hundred people gave it a shot last year, and 400 people plan to this time.

3) Deer Valley Fireside Dining: Enjoy a mouth-watering dinner as if you were dining in the European Alps with a four-course meal made on stone fireplaces at Fireside Dining at Deer Valley Resort.

If you’re into cured meats, lamb, fondues and cheeses; this dinner will blow your taste buds out of the water!

Add to the experience with a romantic sleigh ride before before you dine.

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