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I mean, it was sheer chance that I got cast in ." Ashutosh attends one of Mumbai's prestigious colleges, St.

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Rubina and Tanvi showed off similar sunny smiles, with both girls exhibiting a flair for fashionable clothes.

Photographer Colston Julian's office in Mumbai's buzzing Bandra suburb was soon a hive of activity as the actors went for makeup and wardrobe while being briefed on how the afternoon shoot was planned.

From left: Tanay Chheda, 17, photographed in Wallingford, Conn., and Ayush Khedekar, 13, took a break from exam studying. Click the photo above to take a closer look into THR's reunion with the Slumdog Millionaire kids.

What also struck everybody -- including the actors' family chaperones who accompanied them for the shoot -- was how the two child actors had grown to somehow resemble their elder versions.

Ismail is clear that the trust is making a difference: "I used to live in a slum.

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