Socionic dating

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And so we choose the way of trial and error, using the intuition, attranction, or advice of others.

And cannot understand, that this water is already muddy, erroneous, and that there are other, pure sourses of knowledge of the world and an environment.

FREE Dating - Online Dating Services for Singles At last there is a body of knowledge, which has opened us to the basic nature of ourselves with such depth and clarity that we we will never understand things in quite the same way again. Someone ideally suited for long-term relations and marriage.

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We never ask: "What should this or that acquaintance be like? We consider that everything occurs by itself and we do not reflect, we do not put efforts for this purpose.

We really get acquainted, not thinking about who we deal with.

We perceive the firstcomer as a promised husband or wife, considering that God has sent him or her to us.

But then after living for some time with this person we often get disappointed.

offers us to become wise and more informed and to rely not on feelings and experience, but take on the scientific validity - laws of the nature which are opened by socionics. Why everyone aspires to find their half, our soul wants someone, but who?

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