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Playboy always was very good to me and at the time, it was a decent career move.” Her affiliation with Playboy was eventually acknowledged on WCW’s family-friendly programming.“Macho Man” Randy Savage, accompanied by his ex-wife, the lovely Elizabeth, both of whom sporting the black and white of the New World Order, brought out a spray-painted copy of Playboy’s “Nude Celebrities” issue featuring nude photographs of Kimberly. Seconds after revealed the first public revelation of Kimberly and Page being a married couple, and abused – and spray-painted – Kimberly inched toward Page with tears in her eyes. And even Elizabeth offered her two-cents worth of artwork.It also helped launch the movie careers of future stars like Elizabeth Banks and Jonah Hill.

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Established the original Nitro Girls, leading the group to worldwide notoriety… Stalked by a crazed David Flair, son of “Nature Boy” Ric Flair… Graduated magna cum laude as a Public Relations undergraduate from Auburn University…

Ignited a heated feud between DDP and Marcus “Buff” Bagwell…. Garnered a Master’s degree in advertising from Northwestern University in Chicago… Worked as a public relations coordinator, waitress, aerobics instructor and dancer…

Appearing as Carol in a speed-dating scene, Kimberly’s breast fell out of her top as she was talking to main star Steve Carell’s character.

Debuted as the valet “Diamond Doll” for husband Diamond Dallas Page…

Since the beliefs that parents want to instill in their children can vary greatly, we ask that, instead of adding your personal opinions about what is right or wrong in a film, you use this feature to help parents make informed viewing decisions by describing the facts of relevant scenes in the title for each one of the different categories: Sex and Nudity, Violence and Gore, Profanity, Alcohol/Drugs/Smoking, and Frightening/Intense Scenes.

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