Speed dating cambridge review consolidating multiple excel workbooks into one

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It helps us earn a little for putting this site together and is hugely appreciated.

I went to a speed dating event recently in central London and left after an hour. Half the women didn't even live in London (one was actually on holiday from America), most were overweight, and very few were professionals (one woman talked non stop about nandos). I came to the speed dating area at 7.59pm and was told it was full and it had started. I contacted customer service and they were rude and just had ridiculous excuses not to refund me. Few of them apparently cancelled the profile before having the chance to rate them. £20 feels quite pricy for what it is, considering all that happens is that you're sat at a table for three minutes with your date and rotate round.

Paid for a singles party with Speeddater in London and a speed dating event.

There were very few people and the guys were really dodgy and desperate.

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