Sql server intellisense not updating

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azure book business intelligence c# database excel gotcha how to mongodb nosql performance security sql sql advent 2012 sql friday sql server sql server 2000 sql server 2005 sql server 2008 sql server 2008 r2 sql server 2012 ssis ssms ssrs syndicated t-sql tip unit testing This question came up again yesterday in our SQL Server forum so I decided to create a short blog post about it.

The version of SQL Server Management Studio that ships with SQL Server2008 comes with Intelli Sense enabled, I still think Intelli Sense is sometimes more in my way than it is useful but I won’t bore you with that.

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Hopefully this will help someone I also created a copy of this on our wiki here: Intelli Sense does not see new objects in SQL Server Management Studio *** Remember, if you have a SQL related question, try our Microsoft SQL Server Programming forum or our Microsoft SQL Server Admin forum Denis has been working with SQL Server since version 6.5.

Although he worked as an ASP/JSP/Cold Fusion developer before the dot com bust, he has been working exclusively as a database developer/architect since 2002.

By "intermittent" I mean that on the same computer, while working on the same script, Intelli Sense might appear some times and not appear at other times. This just a specific example of how the symptom manifests. I mean that whenever I expect Intellisense to appear, it doesn't always appear.

I checked the obvious: Troubleshooting Intelli Sense (SQL Server Management Studio) reconfirmed what I already knew and didn't help. This is not a duplicate because while other forum posts list the above steps as "answers" they are not answers for me.

What will eventually happen is that if you create new tables and stored procedures Intelli Sense will not know about those, when this happens you have to refresh the local Intelli Sense cache for it to Refresh Local Cache Or you can just hit the CTRL SHIFT R shortcut.

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