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Needing money, the Gosselins agreed to subject their family to a reality crew.Figure 8 did a one-hour special on them, which aired on the Discovery Health Channel in 2006.

“Watching a woman push a wagonful of kids up the street is just not interesting to me.

But then when it started to unravel, it became interesting in a different way.”“It became a show that was completely suited to a multi-platform world,” says Ginia Bellafante, TV critic at became unintentionally brilliant because it demanded so much other consumption to find out what was ‘real.’”From its inception, the show was like a petri dish of American culture. Eileen O’Neill, president of TLC—herself a twin—was looking for stories about multiples when, in 2006, she approached Bill Hayes, head of the North Carolina–based Figure 8 Films, which had specialized in programming about unusual families and medical miracles ().

” Kate exclaims, refusing to give the actual number. quickly became the top-rated show on TLC, with an audience of between five and six million viewers.

“We had a show that was rising in interest,” says Eileen O’Neill, “based on the unfiltered, sometimes cantankerous relationship of this couple with these eight beautiful children.” Often the production team would goad Jon and Kate into discussing their disagreements during their weekly couch sessions.

Jon’s mother was of Korean descent, adding bi-raciality to the couple’s appeal in the dawning age of Obama.

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