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When combined with a click via either multi-binding or an additional activator, allows for on-screen UI to be bound to buttons even if they have no hotkey.

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Games on the second hard drive will continue to play, download and update as normal, since Steam is still able to access them using their original folder names.

If you are using the Steam gaming platform you may have encountered situations where games would not run properly anymore.

The program attempts to find the right games directory automatically using the Windows Registry.

It will prompt for the directory regardless of that -- you can accept the default selection if it found the right directory -- and also a directory to write a log file to.

This can be after you moved Steam to a new computer or a new hard drive (and the games with it), after you experienced a crash of the system, or after an update of a game on Steam that somehow changed it so that it does not start or work properly anymore.

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