Symantec sbe 12 0 client not updating

by  |  17-Apr-2015 00:38

I think its a dead link as I am able to download the patch for SEP 11 but not sep 12.. Calling Patch Scm Server Jar() .248 - (thread: 00432) - Inside Get SHA1For Scm Server Jar () .263 - (thread: 00432) - Get SHA1For Scm Server Jar (): Error. Rebooted and am now running updates to see if it is working. The nearest I can come up with is when I remoted into the console to uninstall 11 and install 12, that it did not give me console access. But after a backup, uninstall (SEP and Liveupdate), reinstall, restore the db, repatch and liveupdate all while logged in through KVM.

Patch for SEP 11 is hosted on ftp.however patch for SEP 12 is hosted on Patch-v7.01which is a dead link I was able to do it. .248 - (thread: 00432) - CUpdate Scm Server Jar:: Initialize() Calling Get SEPMInstallation Path() .248 - (thread: 00432) - CUpdate Scm Server Jar:: Get SEPVersion(). Unable to obtain hash value of .263 - (thread: 00432) - Patch Scm Server Jar (). A problem that cant be solved by auto-updating although that is listed as a option 2. A FTP server that can't be connected to in a proper way 4.

Client settings for devices: Specify the maximum transfer rate in (Kbps) that will be used by Configuration Manager clients when outside of the specified BITS throttling window.

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This document explains how to update Symantec Endpoint Protection definitions by running Live Update.

TEM managed clients should receive updates automatically from the server.

Use the following sections for more information about the client settings that might require some information before you configure them.

For more information about how to discover users, see the Configure Active Directory Discovery for Computers, Users, or Groups section in the Configuring Discovery in Configuration Manager topic.

A set of default settings is supplied with Configuration Manager.

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