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The reason why I’m telling you all of this is because the first time I saw Park Bom was 11 years ago.

However, it was only four years ago, after speaking with her father, that I found out of her old dreams of becoming a soccer player or of her traumatic experience as a child.

), is a South Korean singer, actress, model, and host.

Aspects of Park's personal life, including her relationships, family issues, and the fallout with Hero Angeles while still in the Philippines, attracted national attention as well.

Rising to fame in the early-2000's, Park became an overnight superstar while participating as a contestant during the first season of Star Circle Quest in 2004, in which she finished as the runner-up.

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During one soccer match, she witnessed the death of a teammate on the field, after which she fell in a slump, with the extreme trauma and the depression that followed.

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